When Truth Hurts: 3 Myths About Dental Cavities You Must Stop Believing Now

Man with dental cavitiesEverybody is all too familiar with cavities. From when you were a child, it was all your parents talk about whenever you sneak to pop some sweets. Interestingly, though, a lot of what people believe about cavities are misconceptions. Being misinformed is the reason cavities are often treated when they’re already at their worst. Make sure not to believe these myths that might put your oral health at risk:

There’s nothing to worry when you’re not in pain

If your tooth isn’t aching, why consult a dentist, right? The truth is, the lack of pain isn’t an indication that there isn’t something wrong. Tooth decays aren’t necessarily painful, but as it progresses, you’ll experience the discomfort.

By the time you wake up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain, the nerve of the tooth has already been damaged and the problem may require major dental treatment. This is the reason dentists strongly recommend complying to regular checkups. It will help detect problems early on and at the same time, save you from high costs for treatments.

Sugar rots your teeth

It’s one of those things your mom berates you with when you were a child, but it turns out, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s not sugar per se that causes cavities. As ORA Dental and other dentists in Fort Worth explain, it’s the acid-releasing bacteria that feeds on carbs that trigger tooth decays. Plus, it’s not just candies and chocolates you should be keeping an eye on. Starchy refined carbs, like pasta, crackers, and bread are a feast for bacteria in your mouth, as well. The solution here is to brush your teeth every after meals to get rid of those food residues.

Cavities are just for kids

You may have tamed your sweet tooth as you were growing up, but that doesn’t mean you’re already immune to cavities. Habits, like sipping on sodas regularly and snacking between meals, can increase the risk of dental problems. Not to mention your genetics. If you’re also taking medications that cause dry mouth, that would make susceptible to tooth decays.

Apparently, people aren’t too familiar with cavities. There’s a lot of misconceptions about this problem, and you need to know the truth behind such to make better decisions for your health.