Top Reasons People are Failing with their Fitness Journey

Man touching his bellyMany people today are failing to achieve their fitness goals for different reasons. Some doesn’t even know when or how to start their fitness journey, while others quit during the process.

MD Diet Weight Loss and Nutrition, LLC, a health and fitness clinic that promotes MD diet, cites some of the top reasons people fail with their fitness goals.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Some people quit their fitness journey because the goals they have set are unrealistic. While it’s good to push yourself at times, keep in mind that there should also be boundaries. For example, losing 30 pounds in a week is not only unrealistic, but also unhealthy. According to experts, your body should only lose five pounds in a week. Anything beyond that can hurt your muscle mass and other organs.

The best way to correct this is to divide your main goals to sub-goals. Set a more realistic timeline for your end goal. This should make it easier for you to track your progress, which can be a form of motivation as well.

Not Consulting a Professional

While there are so many weight loss programs online, many people just “handpick” or replicate what they see without consulting a professional. Take note that each body type and coping mechanism can be different. Some routines may not be suitable for you. For dietary programs, it is best to consult a licensed nutritionist. You can also check out reputable MD diet clinics.

Looking for “Shortcuts”

There are no shortcuts for losing weight or living a healthier life. As every fitness expert would say, “it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet.” Don’t be deceived by overpromising weight loss products. Do more research and make sure the products you use are FDA approved.

You should not be one of those who set fitness goals and fail. Don’t be too hard on yourself; take it one step at a time.