Dangers of Living Alone in Seniors: What Can You Do?

Elderly woman on her computerSeniors and aging adults have a strong desire to remain in their house for as long as possible. This gives them a sense of familiarity, as well as chance to maintain communication and relationships with friends, families, and the people in their community. While there may be benefits to staying in their home, it also poses some dangers especially if the older adult is living alone.

Senior home health care services in Towson share the common dangers and ways to prevent or avoid such risks.

Falls (injury)

Older adults, especially those with mobility issues, are at increased risk of falls that can result in significant injuries. Making adjustments or modifying the house can make it a safer place. This could mean installing handholds and bars in the bathroom or installing motion-activated lights. Having someone like a family member or a caregiver to watch out for your loved one is also beneficial.


Many seniors go out less often due to physical limitations. This only makes it important to encourage them to be socially active. You can also ask friends and other family members to stop by the house on a regular basis. You can also consider hiring a caregiver, which plays a big role in preventing social isolation.

Poor nutrition

Physical limitations and memory problems can make an older adult reluctant to prepare meals for themselves. Some may also find shopping for groceries or cooking difficult and tiring. A caregiver can offer personal care services, which may include meal preparation to make sure that your loved one is eating properly.

Loneliness (depression)

Feeling sad and lonely is common among people who live alone. The worst part is loneliness can affect a person’s emotional well-being, resulting in poor sleep quality and increased stress. This can then contribute to depression. Maintaining constant communication with the elderly can help, as well as considering companion care services.

An elderly loved one can still thrive at home and avoid these dangers by taking measures to keep their abode safe. It is also advisable to hire a caregiver who checks in on your loved one and provide necessary care and assistance.