Braces and Uncomfortable Times: They’re Just Temporary

woman wearing bracesIf you have crooked teeth and are considering getting them straightened, you’re probably wondering how braces feel like. You might also be worried about the pain of having them on and how braces can alter your appearance. These concerns may arise due to the horror stories you’ve heard from people who have had their teeth straightened.

Some Pain and Discomfort

Telling you that having braces doesn’t hurt would be a lie, as you’re likely to feel some pain after getting them on. You might feel some pressure being applied to your teeth, but the intensity of pain gradually reduces, note orthodontists in Fredericksburg. You won’t feel anything during the process, but your teeth and gums might feel a little sore afterwards. This is just temporary, and there are a number of things you can do ease the pain.

Crookedness Going Away

Pain and discomfort are parts of the process and feeling them means that the crookedness is slowly going away. And probably within a month, you’ll get used to your braces. After six months, you might not even notice that you’re wearing them. It’s normal to experience some mild levels of discomfort randomly, but these are normal and part of teeth shifting.

Consult an Orthodontist

It’s normal to feel nervous or scared when getting braces, but you shouldn’t let those feelings get in the way of straightening your teeth. If you don’t like having metal brackets and wires on your mouth, you can consider other types of braces as long as they are right for you. A consultation with an experienced orthodontist will let you know what type of braces best suits your situation and budget.

While it’s true that braces can cause some discomfort, they’re likely to yield good results. Patients who have chosen to wear braces are rewarded more than just with a straight set of teeth. In fact, research suggests that it people with beautiful smiles are happier and more confident as they won’t have to hide their teeth or cover their mouth when smiling or laughing.