Does Your Child Hate the Dentist? A Kid Friendly Dentist Can Help

Oral Dental CareA previous painful experience with a doctor can lead some children being afraid of healthcare professionals for the rest of their lives, including dentists. This can make it difficult for them to attend routine appointments later on, but a kid friendly dentist can help them. Specialists like Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist are full of useful advice, such as avoiding using words like, ‘shot’ or ‘needle,’ when talking to your kids about the dentist, because these words may create negative associations with dentist visits.

Just the sight of someone in a white coat may frightening to a child, especially if they are made to sit still with a light shining into their eyes and someone poking around in their mouths. They may not want to have the dentist check their teeth or get in the dentist’s chair. Choosing a specialist pediatric dental practice is advisable for  children and will make the experience easier.

What Makes a Pediatric Dentist Different?

A pediatric dentist has to undergo two or three years of additional training in children’s dental health in addition to their general dentistry degree. All dentists can treat children, but a pediatric dentist has more extensive knowledge of infant oral health. They can provide management of the premature loss of baby teeth and can help parents prevent thumb sucking – an activity that, if allowed to continue past a certain point, damages teeth. They are also educated in childhood nutrition and other matters that impact child dental health.

A kids’ dentist has a natural affinity with children and knows how to put them at ease.  Chatting with them, demonstrating the dental procedure on a teddy (or parent) and allowing them to try out the dentist chair before the examination are just a few of the little tricks they use to get their patients to relax. They also have training in sedation techniques – such as using gas and air – if the child is very distressed, or requires pain relief.

Pediatric Dental Clinics Build with Children in Mind

A pediatric dental practice is usually designed to appeal to children, with brightly-colored walls and furniture, and distractions like children’s books, a TV showing cartoons or a strategically-placed fish tank. The atmosphere is inviting and helps to some of the fear away.

Choosing a pediatric dentist can help children overcome their reluctance to visit the dentist. This will pay off later on in their lives, when they are able to establish good relationships with their dentists, making dental health much easier.