5 Ways You Can Save Money on Prescription Drugs

Medical pills and capsulesThe CDC estimates that about half of Americans use at least one medically-prescribed drug. Unfortunately, not all these people can afford the prescription medications they need.

Help for Persons Who Can’t Afford Prescription Medications

If you also can’t afford expensive prescription drugs, there are ways you can save money without sacrificing your health. Here are five ways you can save cash on your medications.

1. Switch to Generic Medications

Generics are often cheaper than brand-name drugs. However, both medications have the same active ingredients, and same dosage and intended use. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist and see if you can swap from non-generic to generic.

2. Ask for Help

Your doctor or pharmacist may assist you if you ask for help. Health professionals may help you find less expensive medications. They might be aware of ongoing pharmaceutical promotions. They may also connect you with a prescription financial assistance program.

3. Enroll in a Patient Assistance Program

Many pharmaceutical companies, state governments, and nonprofit groups offer drugs assistance programs. If you’re eligible for a program, you may then access reduced-cost or even free medications.

4. Take Your Medications as Recommended

You may be tempted to skip doses for a drug you can’t afford. However, not taking your medication or taking it lesser times than recommended will only complicate matters. The drug is likely to become less effective leading to more health problems and bigger health bills.

5. Take Advantage of Health Insurance

Call your insurer and inquire whether they cover the medications you take. Ask about alternative drugs for medicines that aren’t included or are too expensive. Talk to your pharmacist if your insurer charge according to the quantity of medication.

Doubling the strength of drugs to cut the number of tablets may reduce your costs.

Millions of people are in need of prescription drugs. But the cost of these drugs keeps on rising, and many people have problems buying them. Luckily, there are a few ways to manage the cost of prescription drugs without compromising on your health needs.