Which Sport Has the Highest Chance of Damaging Your Teeth?

a fit girl drinking waterSports often come with certain hazards including to the teeth, but some have a higher chance of damaging your pearly whites, according to the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

ACC data showed that rugby and basketball are the two sports most likely to ruin your teeth, based on Kiwis’ dental claims in 2017 that may include dentures from Tauranga or dentists in the North Island.

Dental insurance

The analysis based its findings on 2,817 dental claims due to sport-related injuries. Rugby accounted for 900 claims while 600 claims originated from basketball injuries. The ACC said that the increase in basketball-related dental injuries could be attributed to the rising popularity of the sport in New Zealand.

NBA player Steven Adams could also be contributing to more Kiwis taking up the sport. In 2007, ACC accepted 347 dental claims related to basketball, so the figure last year represented almost a 100% increase within a 10-year period. Even if the injuries aren’t related to sports, the number of dental claims could be higher if Kiwis didn’t seek treatment overseas.

Risky venture

The rise of dental tourism isn’t always related to high dental costs in New Zealand since some Kiwis think they can hit two birds with one stone by spending a vacation and getting treatment while abroad. However, the price you pay for seeking dental treatment abroad may be lower than in New Zealand, but you may end up spending more.

A poll in 2016 showed 96% of 377 surveyed dentists had to perform remedial work on Kiwis who sought overseas dental treatment. Consider a Tauranga dentist first before thinking about the money you’ll save from seeking overseas treatment.

It’s likely that basketball may soon outrank rugby as the sport with the most dental claims. Whether you engage in sports, it’s important to seek treatment only from a certified professional in the country.