The Benefits Of Orthodontics

Girl with bracesOrthodontics corrects various misalignments in the mouth. These include tooth crowding, straightening teeth, bite correction so the front and back teeth meet evenly and of course, improving the appearance of the smile. All of these problems are common and mostly easily treatable with a variety of different brace options in and around Weybridge. Orthodontics can also be used to treat problems such as a cleft lip and palate and sleep apnea.

What types are there?

There are many options to choose from in Weybridge. Orthodontics can include lingual braces that fit behind the teeth, traditional metal braces that fit to the front of teeth, invisible retainer style braces that are worn over the teeth, plus a variety of other removable or non-removable options. Surgeries in the area such as Weybride Orthodontics can advise patients on the best option for them.

How do braces work?

Braces come in different styles, some more heavy duty than others. All of them are designed to apply constant pressure over a period of time to move teeth. They work with the body to stimulate bone growth or reduction accordingly, a natural process occurring when pressure is applied.

Are braces painful?

Braces can cause some pain and discomfort after their initial fitting. It is important to realise that no matter which type of brace is used, it will take time for a person to get used to the new pressure being applied to their teeth. There can be some areas of the braces that rub the gums or inside of the mouth. A trained orthodontist will be able to adjust things to make the braces more comfortable or provide wax to apply.


When braces are removed, teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. Some x-rays or bite impressions may be taken to check how well the braces have worked. All braces require use of a retainer. This is a custom-made appliance will help teeth to stay in their new position after braces are removed. Regular retainer use is an important step in the process of orthodontics. Weybridge patients are recommended to wear their retainers all the time for the first six months. After this wear is kept to nighttime use.