What to Expect in a Korean Spa

Woman in a korean spaKorean spas have been experiencing quite a surge in popularity recently, particularly in the U.S. This growth is seen in areas that hold high Korean population such as Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York. If you are looking to visit a Korean spa in Los Angeles, you can avail of any of the following treatments.

Korean body scrub

This requires you to soak in warm to mildly hot water for not less than 30 minutes. While most American spas use sugar or salt for exfoliation, Korean spas use water, milk and a scrubbing mitt since this combination give better results and are gentler to the body. This body scrub helps in exfoliation, detoxification, and improvement of blood circulation.

Vaginal steam bath

This involves sitting on an open stool that is placed atop a boiling pot containing wormwood, mugwort tea, and a blend of other herbs. Also known as chai-yok, vaginal baths are essential since they fight infections, regulate menstrual cycles, aid infertility issues, and clear hemorrhoids, among other female reproductive system benefits. Note that vaginal steam baths are best done after your monthly period.

Asian and Korean massages

These massages draw their focus on pressure points of your body, which could be painful for some people. The massage may comprise of separately located aqua jets, which target different points in your body. In the end, you will experience pain relief, increased blood circulation, increased immunity, and improved digestion.

Korean spas give you more options than you may know. They range from ice rooms, steam rooms, Himalayan salt sauna, and herbal sauna. All these provide you with a delirium of beauty treatments, and in some cases, you can top your experience with authentic Korean foods at the same place. That said, pick a friend and enjoy your Korean spa body treatments.