Psychotherapy: Which Treatment Suits You?

Woman getting psychotherapy treatmentPsychotherapy has offered effective treatment methods for a wide range of mental health challenges. In many institutions, they offer both inpatient and outpatient settings to help patients choose what will suit them best.

Therapy entails a wide variety of treatment techniques. During the treatment sessions, a patient talks to a trained and licensed psychiatrist in places like Westport, CT who can help them understand their illness and help them through the recovery process. Here are various types of psychotherapy treatments and the conditions that they treat.

Psychodynamic Therapy

This treatment focuses on the assumption that a patient is experiencing emotional issues as a result of unresolved, often unconscious conflicts which date back to their childhood. The primary goal of this treatment is to help the patient understand and learn a better approach to deal with these feelings. Normally, this treatment goes on for a few months. However, it can go on for years for reasonable results.

Interpersonal Therapy

This treatment focuses on the interactions and behavior of a patient with the people around them. The essence of this treatment is to boost self-esteem and improve communication skills over a short period, normally three to four months. It is applicable for people suffering from depression as a result of relationship conflicts, death of a loved one, social isolation and other major life events.

Cognitive Therapy

This treatment focuses on what patients think as opposed to what they do. This approach states that dysfunctional thought often leads to dysfunctional behavior and emotions. When a person adjusts their thoughts to become more positive, their emotions and behavior improve.

While therapy is available in many forms, there are other approaches that psychiatrists can use for different issues. After consulting with patients on their problem, a psychiatrist will identify the most practical method for their patient.