Here’s How to Lessen Your Kid’s Fear of the Dentist

Dentist Extracting ToothIt’s not surprising that kids are afraid of doctors and nurses — especially if they get a shot each time they visit a medical practitioner. For parents, here are some ways you can help lessen that fear.

1. Choose a kid-friendly doctor

Obviously, you’d choose a pediatrician for the general needs of your child. When it comes to other medical concerns, however — such as dental issues — you’d want a dentist who deals mostly with children and who offers quality family dental care, such as Finger Lakes Family Dental in Horseheads.

At the very least, the dentist should have various tools and toys to calm the child.

2. Role-play at home

It also helps to role-play at home so that child will have an inkling of what happens during the checkup with their dentist.

Show your child how the dentist will conduct the checkup. You could play the doctor; the child could be the doctor. The goal is to allow them to become familiar with the process so that they don’t become afraid of the real thing.

3. Prep for shots

Shots are probably the worst thing about going to the doctor. But, don’t try to convince your child that it doesn’t hurt. Instead, talk to them about how it will only be painful for a short time.

Perhaps you could even tell them about the time you had your shot. Explain why they are important, and unless you know for sure they’re not getting an injection, don’t promise your child that they won’t get one.

4. Be there for them

Always accompany your child to the doctor. Your presence there will help them relax during the checkup.

Of course, those are just some of the methods you can use to help your child prepare for their dentist appointment. By teaching them how to face this head on, you’ll find that your child will carry this habit even as they grow into adults.