Common concerns about braces in North London

Woman wearing invisalignWhen someone is considering a long-term dental treatment like braces in North London, it is natural to have some concerns. These might be general issues based on pre-conceived ideas about teeth straightening treatments or something that is specific to the patient.

Whatever the issue, a dentist like Denchic Dental Spa will be able to talk their patient through it with clear and concise information about braces in North London. While everyone is different, some concerns come up repeatedly.


It’s common for people to be worried about the way that braces in North London will look once they are fitted. If someone wants to get their teeth straightened in order to improve their smile, they already know the importance of making a good impression and they may not want to compromise in this area. Fortunately, there are a number of braces options that are commonly available. Some of them are designed to have minimal impact on the patient’s appearance.

The equipment offered by dental brands like Six Month Smiles and Invisalign is often referred to as ‘invisible’ because it is designed to be hard to spot when someone is wearing it. If someone is concerned about appearance, they might choose to work with one of these methods.


Teeth straightening is often associated with discomfort. It is true that patients can feel some sensations when they first have their braces fitted. This is generally quite mild and can be mitigated using normal painkillers. Any discomfort typically fades within a few weeks although it can reappear for a few days whenever the braces are adjusted.

Once someone adapts to the feel of braces in their mouth, they should be quite comfortable as long as they follow the care instructions provided by their dentist. They should let their dentist know if they are having any difficulty adjusting.

Length of treatment

Teeth straightening can take anything from a few months to a couple of years or more. Modern methods tend to be faster than traditional treatments. Some of them can get results within four months. This is because they tend to focus on the teeth that are visible when someone smiles. This specific targeting means that overall treatment times are reduced.