The State of Stress: The Sunshine State Ranks 13th in List

Man seems to be problematicIf you live in the Sunshine State, you may be one of many feeling anxious about life. Florida landed on Wallet Hub’s list of the top 15 most stressed states in 2017, based on “money, work, and the economy” as sources of concern. The organization ranked 50 states based on four categories, comprising stress related to work, money, family, and health and safety.

Sleepless in Florida

More than 35 percent of adults in Florida sleep for less than seven hours, leaving the state with the 11th highest number of adults with frequent mental distress. The data originated from the Disease Control and Prevention’s 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.

High-stress levels often stem from lack of sleep. The next time you feel anxious or stressed, it may be due to less than seven hours of bedtime. But other than making sure you get enough rest at night, you can also arrange a day for pampering. Just you, a massage, a facial—and the soothing, calming space of a spa in Windemere. Marilyn Monroe Spas shares that the unique combination of relaxing touch and beautifying products helps you forget about your stress during a facial.

Family Matters

More people in Florida worry about family-related stress more than issues concerning work, money, and their health. The state ranked as the sixth most stressed when it comes to family matters.

Raising a family is demanding, but it’s also rewarding. So it’s important to manage whatever pressure you may feel from your responsibilities. One way to do so is to create a healthy environment: clear the clutter from your home, choose nutrient-dense meals, and share an activity with the family that gets everyone outdoors.

The previous year may have been a rough time for many Americans, but knowing how to manage your stress levels at a minimum will be beneficial for your physical and mental health. With enough success, you’ll never have to worry too much about life—no matter what state you live in.