The Importance of Phase 2 Clinical Trials

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Drug testing is necessary prior to the marketing and distribution of any medicine. The testing uses strict protocols to ensure that the drug is safe for use and cures as advertised. If you want to do Phase 2 clinical trial, you must first find a significant number of volunteers who have the same symptoms that the drug is supposed to cure.

Human testing

At some point, drugs will have to undergo human trials. Phase 2 testing tries to answer the question of whether the drugs work to cure the disease it was designed to treat. It is done only after testing has proven that it is not harmful or fatal to humans.

Depending on the goal of the treatment, the doctors and researchers would be testing for specific responses or benefits. Human testing is warranted to see the efficacy of the drug. Some drug trials are meant to test if the patient will live longer by taking the medication compared to not having the drug in the first place.

For cancer testing, Phase 2 drug distribution does not use any placebo treatments. Also, all volunteers are given the same dosage per treatment group. For the purposes of the testing, there is a statistically significant number of test subjects, usually 25 to 100 volunteers per group. This is a larger number compared to those who were part of the Phase 1 trial.

Before getting bigger

In terms of numbers, Phase 2 testing is relatively limited compared to Phase 3. One of the goals of Phase 2 moving forward is to compare the drug with those already in existence. If the drug proves to be equal to or better than the existing drugs, then it goes to Phase 3 clinical trials.