Home Alone Seniors? 4 Ways to Keep Them Safe

a senior man alone in his home

Do you find yourself worrying about your senior parents living alone? Perhaps your responsibilities are limiting your visits to your parents. Looking after your senior loved ones who live alone can be troublesome, especially if they have mobility challenges. Statistics show that a senior citizen is treated in an emergency room for a fall every 11 seconds.

If you want your parents to receive better care, you can find facilities that offer good senior home care here in Westchester Country. But while you’re looking for help for your aging loved ones, follow these tips to make sure they’re safe while your away.

1. Keep necessities within reach

Their favorite snacks, medicine bottles, or bathroom items should always be within reach. Climbing or reaching too far have been common causes of falls among the elderly.

2. Free their home from any trip hazards

Inspect the house for possible causes of trips or falls. Carpets and rugs that aren’t secured, extra-long drapes, clutter on staircases, or extension cords that aren’t hidden can be dangerous to seniors.

3. Befriend their neighbors

You and your senior parents should take the time to get to know the neighbors. They are the ones who’ll notice if something’s wrong and can make the necessary phone calls during emergencies.

4. Personal, medical, and allergy information should always be available

Have a list of all the information and stick it to the fridge or on a piece of paper in your loved ones’ wallets. Post it where it can be easily seen. This would be helpful not only for them but also for anyone who visits them.

As your loved ones get older, your efforts to keep them safe yet independent can be a case of trial and error. It’s time to be more patient and ask everyone in the family to do their share in making sure your senior loved ones continue to live a happy and fulfilled life with you.