Factors That Contribute to Teeth Sensitivity in Kids

Young girl getting dental treatmentWhen it’s time to brush, and your kid firmly clamps his or her mouth shut, it could be stubbornness, or he or she could be feeling pain due to sensitive teeth. As a concerned parent, it is imperative to learn the common causes of teeth sensitivity.

Poor brushing habits

If you are a parent or guardian, it is vital to teach your kids proper brushing techniques at a tender age to prevent cavities and protect their enamel and gums. For instance, if your kid brushes too hard, it could result in gum and enamel erosion, which makes teeth more sensitive to cold and hot substances, reminds Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist. This problem can be avoided by providing them with soft brushes and demonstrating how much pressure to apply when brushing.

Sinus infection

Sinusitis is a medical condition where the cavities located around the nasal passage become inflamed. Unfortunately, due to the distance between the roof of the mouth and the sinuses, your child will experience teeth sensitivity around this area. The symptoms experienced are similar to those of actual cavity and abscess.


If your kids fail to brush their teeth regularly, tooth decay might occur. This condition causes sensitivity and discomfort in the teeth. You, therefore, need to ensure that your children brush their teeth for about two minutes and at least twice a day.

Teeth grinding

This is a terrible habit that causes numerous dental issues such as misaligned teeth and sensitivity. Teeth grinding during sleep, which is also known as bruxism, is even more destructive as it creates hairline cracks on the teeth surface and pain when the child bites or chews food. Teeth grinding can also lead to fatigued jaw and headaches. This problem can be controlled by using a mouth guard when the kid is sleeping.

If your children complain that they are feeling pain when chewing, brushing or taking cold or hot drinks, they could be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Prevention is better than cure and ensuring that your children brush their teeth efficiently and regularly can protect them from numerous dental issues. Regular trips to the dentist can also help to diagnose dental problems before they escalate.