Choosing a Children’s Dentist

Girl getting dental checkupWhen it comes to your child’s health, it is best to have an expert. Someone who has both the aptitude for and experience with dealing with children. Someone who is a great adult dentist, may not be the right choice for all the family.


A children’s dentist usually has extra training in the specific needs of this age group from infants through to teenagers. As part of this specialisation, they are trained not only in the health needs of children, but also how to make them feel comfortable and relaxed during their time in the dental chair.

Bedside Manner

A dentist who can talk to children in a way that makes them feel comfortable and that they respond positively to is key. It is also essential that they are confident with explaining by showing and modelling to the child what is going to happen during the procedure. To find a dentist that is great with children, it is sometimes helpful to ask other families for recommendations of dentists they use for their children.

Set Up

Many children’s dentists will have a space that is specially set up for them with furniture, decoration and materials that are designed to appeal to children. This often makes children feel much more confident about any procedure that they may have to have done. Usually, there will be TV screens in the surgery that young patients can watch while having their treatment that features a range of popular kids programmes.


Each child is different, and there may need to be some flexibility for children to be comfortable with the process. Young children are likely to want you to accompany them during the appointment – and you are also probably going to want to be there to supervise and reassure them. As children become teenagers, they may want to go to the appointment by themselves. A dentist who is flexible with your family’s needs is always the best choice.

When looking for a children’s dentist in Taree, make sure that you carefully consider the above tips to ensure that your child has a positive experience.