Benefits Your Company Must Offer to Attract Employees

Insurance approved How do potential employees choose the best company to work for? Some say it’s about the location while others say it’s the salary. Business owners, however, know that there’s more to it than just the paycheck.

Since employees have certain needs, good companies see to it that they meet most, if not all, of these needs. So if you’re a CEO or a business owner, you have to go beyond the monthly salary, and this means providing incentives and benefits not only to attract potential employees but also to keep your current ones motivated and happy.

Here are some of the benefits and perks that should be on your list:

Health insurance

Good health is the reason employees are able to complete their daily tasks. If an employee gets sick, operations can be compromised. But if your company offers health insurance, not only will it ease the sick employee’s burden of paying for treatment but also improve overall productivity and morale, notes Look around for health insurance plans and see what works best for your entire company. And don’t forget that including this package in your benefits can attract more potential applicants.

Lax policy on PTOs

Employee burnout is something you don’t want to tolerate because it usually leads to resignation. If your company’s policy on paid time off and leaves is not too strict, it allows the employees to refresh themselves so that they can come back ready to work hard again. After all, your employees need a break. And it’ll be even more beneficial if this policy applies to the holiday season too.

More freebies and rewards

Discounts on gym memberships, free monthly massage, a refrigerator full of drinks and much more. These rewards can motivate employees to work harder. It can even inspire those who are on the verge of quitting to stay. Making employees feel good and valued will definitely make your company worth staying for.