Uses of Dental Implants You Haven’t Heard of Yet

A set of dental implantsDental implants are the best option to restore a healthy and beautiful smile. They are stable, strong, and feeling and looking like natural teeth. They are also a cost-effective and durable treatment option.

They will, however, only offer significant benefits if a qualified cosmetic dentist places them. Apart from restoring your smile, there are many benefits of getting a dental implant in South Bend Indiana. Here are some of them, as compiled by Mahoney Family Dentistry.

Anchoring Orthodontic Devices

Orthodontists and cosmetic dentists can work together to correct misalignment of your teeth. Your orthodontist can use dental implants to anchor braces and other orthodontic devices. Implants provide a stable anchor for these devices because they naturally integrate with your jawbone. This allows your teeth to move into proper alignment quickly.

Relieving Pressure on Your Jawbone

Dentures are attached to your gums and put a considerable amount of pressure on your jawbone. The pressure can easily lead to deterioration and weakening of your underlying jawbone. Dental implants relieve this stress. It does so through distributing the weight of your dentures over your whole jawbone. They also prevent movement of your dentures when chewing or speaking.

Stimulating Jawbone Regeneration

Tooth decay not only affects your teeth but also erodes your jawbone. Jawbone degeneration increases risks of fractures and affects the outline of your face. The loss of facial contour caused by jawbone loss also causes you to appear more aged. Dental implants stimulate jawbone regeneration hence reconstructing and strengthening it.

Other cosmetic dental procedures require support from adjacent teeth. However, dental implants are stand-alone replacements. They will not weaken your teeth like other treatment options. Dental implants can also increase the durability of other cosmetic dental treatment devices. That is through providing a solid foundation for their placement. They are indeed a worthy investment for your dental health.