Ear Care Tips: What to Expect During Your Hearing Aid Fitting

A woman who cannot hearA new hearing aid is supposed to help you hear sounds more clearly. Yet, intrusive and background noises you are not used to are likely to distract you from the sounds that should be the focus of attention.

When the time comes for fitting, ear care expert Northumberland Hearing Center suggests it is best to go prepared and to have realistic expectations.

As the day of your appointment with the audiologist approaches, allow us to give you a crash course on hearing aid fitting.

The need for programming

Unlike most devices you use every day, which operates adequately a simple on or off switch, a hearing aid requires programming. The device has an on and off switch as well. However, for you to use it properly for hearing and communication, the doctor must calibrate the device to your specific needs.

Moreover, the audiologist will instruct you about a structured plan and schedule for wearing the device, which is necessary for your ears and brain to adjust and function with the new input. Programming is essential for the device to suit your listening needs, so expect it.

The fitting process

The fitting process ensures you receive the right device and wear it comfortably. The programming ensures you will hear sounds better. The audiologist will make necessary measurements and set up the device at different volume levels to determine which setting is perfect for you.

You want to hear better, but the listening level should be comfortable and sustainable as well. A physical fitting is also necessary to allow you to wear the equipment for long periods. The fitting process also includes a demonstration from the audiologist on how to use the hearing aid.

This is very important. After all, you are the person in charge of the operation of the device as soon as you leave the ear clinic.

The hearing aid fitting appointment could take one to two hours, depending on your needs, and the requirements of the audiologist. Make the most of the session to learn about proper operation and maintenance of your new hearing device.