Back to Basics: How to Market Your Veterinary Services

Pretty lady is showing her pet to doctorNowadays, it is a common thing to see people with a pet dog or cat, as they shop in malls or walk around the park. This means more business for you as a veterinarian. With hundreds of pet shops around, however, the competition in the pet care space is swelling.

People from around the world spend around $100 billion on pets every year. It is for this reason that companies are cashing in on the trend, either by opening pet shops of their own or investing in promising firms.

If you are looking at marketing your business using veterinarian promotional products, it is wise to look at your goals and audience first before jumping in, notes Positive Impressions, LLC.

Conventional marketing

In a nutshell, it all boils down to employing conventional marketing strategies and quantifying their effectiveness. It doesn’t have to be flashy or costly, as there are time-tested ways that you can promote your clinic or products without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking to increase awareness and target general audiences, then you can go with typical customer giveaways such as keychains, calendars, books, fridge magnet, and bookmarks. You and your staff can also wear t-shirts inside and outside the clinic as walking advertisements.

Social media marketing

You can also invest some time in email or social media marketing. Thanks to free email and social media tips from digital marketing firms, it is now possible for average business owners to do it themselves. Start by learning to use design programs to create eye-catching graphics for your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Then create vouchers and publish them on your social media pages for customers to claim. These vouchers should be used by customers in-store when availing your products or services.

The possibilities are endless. Whichever route you take, bear in mind that your goal should be to make a sale, and get your customers to act on your promotions.