Penile Prosthesis: Overview and FAQs

Close up young man holding his genitals cause pain, prostate cancer, premature, ejaculation, fertility, bladder problemOne of the things that make you feel like a man is your ability to satisfy your partner sexually. Therefore, if you realize that you suffer from ED, it makes you feel like you are less of a man. As much as this problem is common, especially for men over 40 years old, it’s still a sensitive topic for most people.

However, penile implants can fix this problem for good. Below, find some facts you need to know before having the penile prosthesis procedure, as shared to us by Urology Specialty Group.

What is the success rate of penile implants?

Approximately 90% to 95% of inflatable prosthesis surgeries are successful. Men who undergo the procedure get erections. Studies have shown that more than 90% of the men who have penile implants are satisfied with the results. This is overwhelmingly high when compared with other types of ED treatments.

How long does it take to recover?

Every patient is different, but the average recovery time for penile implant surgery is between 4–6 weeks. A patient can resume their work after three days of rest, while sexual activity for most men is possible within 4–6 weeks. Some patients report persistent pain after the surgery, but some antibiotics and painkillers often do the trick.

How effective is the penile prosthesis?

It is quite effective. It even makes sex impressive due to its spontaneous nature. Other forms of ED treatments and pills need more time to take effect. However, penile implants work almost immediately.

How is sex with the penile prosthesis?

When you want to have sex, just inflate the penile prosthesis. It makes the penis stiff like a natural erection. The penile implant never interferes with the sensitivity of the skin of your penis. It also doesn’t affect your ability to reach orgasm or ejaculate.

Will my insurance cover the procedure?

Most times, penile prosthesis is a physician’s recommendation as a cure for ED. Therefore, the treatment is covered by the majority of the insurance plans. However, before you have your penile implant procedure, it would be prudent to check with your insurance coverage.

As a man, ED can cause your self-esteem to plummet. In a worst-case scenario, it can cost you your relationship or marriage. However, with the help of penile prosthesis, you can hold your head high again.