Massage: Can it Boost Your Immune System?

Woman having a body massageYou probably know that getting a massage can help you relax and ease muscle pain. A rubdown, however, does more than just pampering. According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, massage therapies can also boost your immune system. The study found that a massage therapy increases the white blood cell count of patients. These cells help the body fight diseases.

If you want to feel good and boost your immune system at the same time, getting a massage is a great option. The people who participated in the study also reported fewer feelings of aggression and stress. This is because there was a noteworthy decrease in their cortisol levels or stress hormones in the blood.

A trusted massage therapy center in Jericho shares a few other ways massage helps your immune system and overall health.

  • It relieves headaches.
  • It improves flexibility and mobility.
  • It induces a positive feeling and improved alertness.
  • It relieves anxiety and depression.
  • It improves sleep.

The good news is there is a number of massage forms. Most of them bring physical benefits and relaxation. Here are some of the most popular massage techniques today:

Swedish massage

This offers total body relaxation and is beneficial if you are recovering from an injury. It involves the use of oil or lotion, as well as general and specific strokes in the body.

Deep tissue massage

This is ideal if you are suffering from chronic pain or lingering injuries. It uses slow and deliberate strokes to address injuries, painful muscles, or recurring strain.

Thai massage

This combines different techniques like pressing massage, passive stretching, and yoga. It involves the use of rhythmic compression to reduce stress and energize the body.

Shiatsu massage

This doesn’t require the use of lotion or oil, as the massage is performed on a low massage table or mat on the floor. It aims to stimulate certain acupressure points in the body to boost the flow of energy.

Schedule a massage today and enjoy all the benefits. Getting a rubdown is also a wonderful way to take a break from your busy schedule.