Easy Access: Modifying Your Home for Your Child in a Wheelchair

Young Disabled Man On Wheelchair Washing Dishes In The KitcheKids in wheelchairs are still kids; they will have similar interests and wonder like others. Sadly, they won’t be able to participate in all activities and events that able-bodied children can. This is why you’re obliged to guarantee that your child can join such activities, explore the world, and move around as much as possible.

Alkira Services and some experts recommend starting by making some changes at home to help them thrive, aside from regular mobility equipment repair:

Tape down or get rid of wires and rugs. A kid in a wheelchair must have the freedom to move independently around your home. Ensure that the pathways are always clear, so it won’t block the wheelchair or have them trip over it.

Set up wheelchair-friendly features in the kitchen. Your kids won’t probably be cooking, but you can alter your kitchen to allow them to freely get their own snacks and join in preparing meals.

Make sure they can freely access any part of the house. When positioning furniture, ensure that you make enough space for a kid in a wheelchair to move around freely from one room to another without help.

Stabilise equipment and furniture. It would be best to use heavy and stable furniture that won’t move or pull over if your child happens to pull or bump into it. For lighter furniture that can be a potential hazard, secure these to the floor or wall.

Secure loose objects, including curios on shelves, as these can be dangerous to a kid in a wheelchair. Besides the danger, your aim is for your child to control and manipulate objects without your assistance.

Make them feel more normal and make it easier for them to enjoy their day-to-day life by making modifications to your home. This will not only lead to more convenience, but also a happier outlook on life.