Advantages of Invisalign Treatment over Traditional Braces

A pair of Invisalign bracesMisaligned and crooked teeth not only appear unattractive, but they also make it difficult to clean your teeth. Improperly cleaned teeth will eventually lead to periodontal diseases. There is also an increased risk of bone and gum damage as well as tooth loss.

Wearing braces is the best way to fix this. Ginger Price DDS knows that. Invisalign in Phoenix, AZ, is the ideal option for people who do not wish to wear conventional metal braces. Invisalign is clear braces that give the same results as conventional braces. Here are a few advantages of using clear braces instead of traditional metal braces for teeth straightening.

Better Appearance

Metal braces are an efficient way of straightening teeth, but metal braces typically make wearers self-conscious and cause them to fret about their smile. The primary benefit of clear braces is that they are nearly invisible. They are more attractive than conventional metal braces.


Metal braces have brackets and wires that might scratch and irritate your gums and the interior of your mouth. Invisalign trays are smooth and customized hence very comfortable to wear. Clear braces have no detrimental effects such as increased cavities and gum diseases, unlike metal braces.

Comfortable and Convenient

With conventional metal braces, you need to avoid eating food such as popcorn and gum since they easily stick to braces. Oral hygiene is also simple since you can take them off and brush and floss your teeth before putting them back. Straightening teeth with clear braces typically takes 1–2 years, while conventional braces take five years.

With clear braces, you identify what exactly to expect from your treatment as your cosmetic dentist can come up with a treatment plan. The plan assists you to determine your length of treatment and its outcome. Invisalign is a worthy investment for straightening misaligned teeth for viable candidates.