ADA: 1 Out of 12 Americans Never Floss Their Teeth

Close-up Of A Woman Looking In Mirror Flossing TeethAn American Dental Association (ADA) survey revealed that one out of 12 adults in the U.S. have never used a dental floss, while one out of five admitted that they only do so when something gets stuck in between their teeth.

An online poll was conducted among 1,005 Americans in Alaska, Hawaii, and the mainland U.S. It provided several insights, such as flossing habits and even “unusual items” that the respondents use to remove food debris.

Fingernails and Hair

Gentle Dentist agrees that most of us will immediately lie about using our fingers every time something becomes stuck in between our teeth, yet 61% of the survey’s respondents admitted that they use fingernails as a dental floss. Those who use folded paper or cards comprised 40% of the participants.

Stranger options, such as strands of hair and safety pins, were used by 7% and 14% of the respondents, respectively. More than 60% of the respondents are aware that they should never use any object other than dental picks, floss or water flossing tools. Still, two in five adults said that the consequences of using unsafe items manifested in feeling pain, following the use of an unusual item to floss their teeth.

Dental Costs

A study showed that service prices and intensity have led to higher costs of dental care. For this reason, you should try to floss your teeth at least once a day, which is the recommended frequency by the ADA.

If you have trouble finding appropriate products, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This ensures that the item has been tested and confirmed as safe and effective. If you live in Indiana, you can also seek professional advice from a trusted dentist in Indianapolis.

A toothbrush only removes plaque and other debris on the surface of your teeth, which is why flossing is advisable. It prevents cavities caused by plaque build-up in hard-to-reach areas.