Two Reasons Morning Workouts are the Best

a couple jogging in the morningPeople who “try” to work out in the morning tend to divide themselves into two groups: love or hate. Morning people typically find it easy to hit the MUV fitness gym such as MÜV Fitness early on. Those who would rather wake up late, however, have to exert a lot of effort just to get out of bed.

Nevertheless, there are many benefits to raising your heart rate before you start your day. Here are a couple of workouts that you can select from depending on your goal.

Best for Non-Morning People

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is perfect for those who have to set the alarm every five minutes until they finally wake up. Although, this may appear as a ruthless choice since you are struggling to keep your eyes awake.

This kind of training is ideal for those who want to burn plenty of calories for a short duration. It only requires 15 minutes of your time and hard work every morning to burn the exact number of calories as an hour of treadmill exercise.

Think about it, you can sleep in a little later and still get to work out instead of waking up early.

Best for Weight Loss

Probably the ideal workout for losing weight is the routine that you stick to and one that supports a healthy diet. On the other hand, fasted cardio would be right for individuals who are searching for a little more push in their weight-loss routine.

Do remember that this is not for everybody. Fasted cardio means that you cannot eat anything before your workout. If you get hungry as soon as you wake up, then you would have to choose another exercise.

Morning exercise will make you feel collected, cool and calm.

It will even get your metabolism ready to face the rest of the day head on. Go ahead; choose your goal and set your alarm.