Not All Energy Workers Are Getting the Benefits They Deserve

Happy Energy Worker There is no denying that working for a nuclear plant may have adverse effects on one’s health. Energy workers are exposed to certain chemicals that can compromise the immune system when inhaled or even touched. To answer the problems faced by energy workers, accredited health care providers help with the treatment.

The problem, however, is that not everyone files for their claims.

Disseminating Information

Energy worker benefits, according to Nuclear Care Partners, such as compensation for a permanent health problem due to working for a nuclear plant, have been in place for quite a while now, and many have already taken advantage of it. A person should have worked at least 250 days in the plant to be eligible. Many can get coverage for their illness, but not all of them are filing a claim, says WPSD Local. There’s a need for the government to do better at explaining the benefits of filing a claim so that more people can get the treatment they deserve after working so hard.

Timely Action

Alton Herndon, who has been diagnosed with asbestosis due to his job, finally got coverage for his treatment. It took him several years to get the coverage, however. In that time, a person’s condition could have already worsened, or their body could have already succumbed to the illness. Hopefully, improvements in the process may hasten the filing and approval of claims, because people’s lives are at risk.

Though they are not facing a federal lawsuit, as is the case of a construction company in charge of a nuclear construction project who laid off its workers, they are still expected to take the best interests of their people to heart.

There is a benefits program in place for energy workers who contracted an illness because of their work, but perhaps the process of filing for a claim needs a timely improvement.