US Dental Industry Regains Business with 3D Printing Tech

Dentist smiling and ready to workFor years, the U.S. dental industry has lost business due to cheaper costs in Asia, but the use of 3D printing has allowed American dentists to regain business.

Modern technology becomes increasingly popular, particularly for orthodontic treatment and services. For instance, you may no longer need to wait for a few weeks for a night guard, as this can be made in as much as 45 minutes.

New Process

The process of manufacturing night guards has taken on a new process.  In the past, for instance, an orthodontist’s clinic in Fredericksburg, Virginia, will need to create a dental impression of your teeth structure, which may not be necessary at all with 3D printing technology.

This new process involves using a digital wand that will scan your mouth. Your dentist will then send a digital file of your teeth via email to a dental office or laboratory. As more professionals jump on the 3D bandwagon, it will not be surprising if this becomes the norm for orthodontics in the future.

Adult Braces

Aside from 3D printing, several other options for orthodontic treatment such as braces have convinced adults to see a dentist. The introduction of inconspicuous braces has served a huge factor in luring grown-up patients, as evidenced by an American Association of Orthodontists survey in 2014.

The poll showed that almost 1.5 million orthodontics patients comprised adults in the U.S. and Canada in that year, which set a record figure. Other options for braces include clear or tooth-colored variants, metal and lingual braces. There are gold braces available as well.


Orthodontic treatment has become more modern thanks to the use of new technology. For adults, the thought of achieving a perfect smile helps them overcome any childhood fear of the proverbial dental chair.