Am I a Great Candidate for Hair Transplantation?

Man getting a hair transplantWhat do football superstar Wayne Rooney, esteemed actor James Nesbitt, X-Factor judge Louis Walsh, and model Calum Best have in common? They have all undergone successful hair transplantation procedures.

If you are looking to belong to this group, you have to realise first that not all men are good candidates for a hair transplant. So what makes a man a great candidate for a London hair transplant? Or more importantly, can you make the cut?

Depends on your Hair’s Thickness and Shape

Your hair’s cross-sectional area, or calibre, is immensely vital – the baldness, specifically where your hair is still evident, but already thinning, is due to light that penetrates past absent or sparse hair, that’s being reflected off of your scalp.

You will not look too bald if the hair in the space is thicker because it could effectively block out light. Your hair’s shape is equally crucial. In general, the more wave or curl you have, the more coverage you get.

For instance, a great example would be Afro hair, which is kinky and tightly wound, perfect for covering the scalp and blocking out light.

Works Better with Specific Hair Colours

This is vital, most particularly in relation to the underlying colour of your skin. You will be a great candidate for the procedure if there is less contrast between your scalp and hair colour because you will get better coverage.

Must NOT Have Alopecia or Any Scalp Disease

If you have any kind of scalp disease or diffuse unpatterned alopecia, it is best to avoid hair transplants. This is due to that fact that diseases like these have unhealthy donor hair supply, which could result in wasted money and time.

Scalp Flexibility is Important

Although this requirement is not set in stone, it would be significantly easier for surgeons to perform the hair transplant procedure on more flexible or looser scalps instead of tight scalps.

Each case is different, however, and the best way to determine if you would be a great candidate for hair transplantation is to consult a professional. He or she could even tell you about other treatment options if a hair transplant is not for you.