How Your Favorite Beverage Affects Your Teeth

Dirty Brown TeethWhile teeth lose their shine over time, your habits and food choices can turn them dull in just a short period. Brushing alone is not enough to brighten your smile, especially if you have noticeably yellow teeth. An in-office whitening treatment is a much better solution, as well as changing your habits to avoid further stains and discoloration.

Good and proper oral hygiene is not only essential but is also advisable to mind your preferred drink. Note that some beverages can increase your risk of decay and further stains. Acidic and dark-colored beverages are the main culprits, as they have sugar byproducts and some additives that can soften the enamel and reveal the yellow hue of the dentin.

  • Coffee. This dark-colored drink contains pigments that can make your teeth turn yellow over time. Excessive consumption of coffee, as well as adding sugar can also contribute to enamel erosion and decay. If coffee is your favorite beverage, you can use a straw to minimize the fluid’s contact with the teeth, but this technique is only applicable to a cold drink.
  • Tea. Some types and varieties of tea cause more tooth stains than others. If you love this beverage, keep in mind that dark blends like black teas can produce a similar staining effect like coffee. It is also best to choose large varieties of teas, as they are less likely to stain and discolor your teeth.
  • Soda. This beverage contains high levels of acid and sugar that can wear away the enamel and make your teeth yellow. Dentists in Wilmette such as Glenlake Dental Care note that it has phosphoric acid that weakens the tooth and makes it vulnerable to stain-causing components of other foods and beverage.
  • Alcohol. Frequent consumption of alcohol wears away the tooth surface and stains your pearly whites. It also has sugar and acid, contributing to cavities and gum disease. Furthermore, those who drink alcohol daily have higher dental plaque, increasing their vulnerability to tooth loss.

Water remains the best drink for your dental and overall health. Plain or fluoridated water has no calories and sugar that can cause weight gain and decay. It is best to choose this drink over other beverage and not to forget to brush and floss your teeth daily. If you, however, have noticeably yellow teeth, visit your dentist to learn more about tooth whitening solutions.