Can I Afford Dental Implants to Restore My Missing Teeth?

Elderly Woman with Dental ImplantsAffordable dental implants may sound like an unlikely concept but that isn’t necessarily the case anymore. Dental implant procedures used to be very expensive because there were not that many dentists who had the expertise to provide this treatment and the materials themselves were more costly.

With their increasingly popularity, there are more and more dental practices that provide this treatment, such as Enhancedental in Leeds. Finance plans are also often offered to make paying for the treatment less of a burden. All in all, this has made dental implants a more affordable treatment option.

How Times Have Changed

Fortunately, there have been many changes and improvements in the world of implant dentistry. Dental implants are now quite a popular option for patients who have experienced tooth loss. Many people choose them over more traditional treatments such as bridges and dentures. As the demand for this treatment increases and more dentists learn how to reliably and safely provide it, competition in the market also arises. This has led to lower prices.

Technology Advances

Today, implant procedures carry fewer risks and complications. Advanced equipment, including 3D x-rays and guided implant templates, have contributed to these improvements in dental implant treatment. Fewer follow up appointments are therefore needed, which means fewer costs for the practice, which is ultimately means lower costs for the patient too.

The Effect of the Credit Crunch

The credit crunch has further accelerated the decrease in prices of dental implants for all patients. A higher level of competition has led to a faster and significant drop in prices. In 2008, an average single dental implant would have cost as much as £3,000. In 2012, this has been reduced by half, to approximately £1,500.

With great increases in technological advances, as well as significant price drops, dental implants can now be afforded by more patients than ever before. So if you have lost one, several or even all of your teeth, it may be time to consider the lifelong benefits of dental implants. A restored smile and improved dental health await you. Find out if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment by contacting your local implant dentist.