The Great Qualities of Dental Implants

Smiling Senior Woman with New Dental ImplantsDental implants are an excellent option for the replacement of missing teeth. They have many qualities that make them stand out from many of the other solutions out there. This is why they are becoming an increasingly popular option among patients today.

If you want to know more, contact a practice like Aura Dental in North West London. There is no substitute for skilled advice. Talk to the dentist about your needs and be frank about any concerns that you have. Many patients have the same concerns and your practitioner will have experience talking people through them.


One of the reasons why dental implants work so well is that they are placed in holes in your jawbone that are made by your dentist. After a suitable healing period, they are fully integrated into your jawbone. They are shaped like tiny screws and are, usually, made out of a bio-friendly material like titanium. This means that the implants stimulate the bone in the jaw to knit tightly around them. This process is called osseointegration.


Being able to use your new teeth for all of the things you could use your natural ones for is another great benefit of dental implants. You can apply a similar or even greater amount of pressure with your dental implants that you can with normal teeth. This means being able to make a wide range of food choices.

Dental implants retain the same level of power over time whereas dentures tend to become weaker.


If you have the remains of teeth in your mouth or very unhealthy teeth, these need to be removed before you have dental implants. If you have healthy teeth, however, you keep these in place. Dental implants stand on their own and are not supported on any of the surrounding teeth, which should be unaffected by your dental implants procedure.

Once your dental implants are in place, they are designed to last a lifetime if they are properly cared for. If you follow a diligent hygiene routine and take care of your gums and any remaining teeth, you should enjoy your dental implants for years to come.