Baldlympics, Anyone?

Bald man checking his scalpEvery year in Japan, a few bald men gather for a little tug-of-war between baldheads. It calls for the world of bald men to join them in an Olympics of bald men. A curious fact on how far bald men go to lengths to do for a good time. 

If you ever feel follicle-challenged to go on an epic night out in downtown SLC, you can always consider a less pressured event like one held by the Bald Men Club of Japan February 22 every year. This year, the little-known event successfully gathered 30 bald men on midweek Wednesday for a bit of camaraderie.

Held at a quiet hot spring facility in the northern-most city of Aomori on the main island, it guarantees little peer pressure. 

Get sucked, ready, go!

They played a unique game (one only bald persons can possibly perform) of tug-of-war by attaching suction cups at the end of a single rope to the top of their heads. The winner will be the one who successfully pulls the suction cup off his opponents head, thus proclaiming to be the smoother head.

"My head still hurts, I think I need ice on it," one participant in his early 40s said with a smile. Founded in 1989, it has to date attracted 65 members from all over Japan. The club’s chairperson envisions a bald men’s Olympics in future, a gathering of all bald men from all over the world. 

Or take the Ice City Bar Crawl Challenge

It is a matter of choice, and of confidence. Hair micropigmentation procedures in Salt Lake City is just around the corner. For the cost of multiple connecting flights to Aomori, Japan, you could use the same Wednesday to ink up a hip new crown like Vin Diesel’s or Jason Statham’s.

Or shop for some happening clothes and go epic through the entire 10-bar crawl challenge. The last man standing makes it through The Red Door! 

Ultimately, in any challenge, the idea is to take control. Take control of what you cannot control. May it be flexing your head skin muscles for the perfect suction prowess, or choosing how to shape your hair as the hairline changes.

How good you do on whichever event you choose is down to how good you feel in your head.