Improve Your Weak Hand with These Ideas

Improve Your Weak Hand in BasketballAre you having a difficult time breaking down the defense, or are the opponents forcing you to go to a certain spot on the floor because they know you have to use your weak hand? You may have the athleticism or smarts to outwit the opponent in some cases, but to become a more versatile player you need to improve your weak hand.

A coach who is a regular at training camps for basketball cites the following ways to help you improve the skill of your weak hand.


One of the ways to improve the skills of your weak hand is to use it for dribbling. Start with stationary dribbles, then progress into walking and running using your off hand. Once you get better, start doing crossovers, between-the-legs dribbles, or behind the back. These improve the dexterity and skill of your weak hand because you use it. The best way to determine if you made enough progress is to try it during an actual game.

Lay-Up Drills with the Weak Hand

This practice follows the same concept as dribbling with your weak hand as much as possible. You need to force yourself to use the off-hand in whatever basketball action you do, and lay-ups are part of the solution. Do as many lay-ups, reverse or straight up whenever you finish at the rim during practice or at an actual game.

Free Throws and Jump Shots

Shooting with your weak hand while supporting the ball with your strong one may seem like an awkward position at first. However, you need to make your off hand stronger to improve your skills. Practice shooting with your weak hand from the free throw line or anywhere on the court doing so allows your body to remember the motion. Once you get enough repetitions, you become better at it and will be able to use your off hand in real game situations.

These are some of the things you can do to improve the strength and skill of your weak hand. Doing so allows you to become a better and a more unpredictable player on the offense.