Change Is Important for Success, Just Ask EDCare

Change is the law of life, according to 35th U.S. President John Kennedy, and lifestyle changes those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. Your mission to succeed, therefore, depends on your ability to look at things from a bird’s eye view and compromise.

Take EDCare as an example. The organization, which was established to help those with an eating condition, changed their name from the Eating Disorder Center of Denver to the current because they believe that it would help advance their mission of nourishing success. To them, the current name symbolizes new and exciting things as well as a fresh perspective for patients, families, and practitioners alike.

Change can Help You Come to Terms with Your Condition

Not everything has to start with a lofty goal. You can take things one step at a time and celebrate the smaller battles won against the condition. A fresh perspective, perhaps, can put you in the right state of mind. In fact, in a recent interview, Lily Collins opened up about her own battle with an eating disorder, stating that her art and her upcoming memoir is helping her come to terms with her condition. So, try to find a healthy outlet and make your changes one step at a time.

Personal Change Helped along by People Who Care

Eating disorder centers are continuously thinking of innovative ways to show individuals battling an eating disorder that someone is listening — that someone, more importantly, understands what they're going through. Together with a constant support system, you'll have a rock to tether you when times get rough. Furthermore, you can stay strong in your commitment to change when you know you aren't facing this battle alone.

These two factors — change and stability — are reflected in EDCare's mission to move forward while still staying true to their unique CAMSA (Connection, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Sense of Self, and Action) philosophy. After all, CAMSA has reliably guided its mission to empower individuals with eating disorders thus far.

Successfully overcoming your eating disorder, therefore, involves finding a balance between change and constancy. It is the best way to reach your dreams and overcome anorexia or bulimia.