What are Invisible Aligners?

 Invisible AlignersInvisible aligners are an alternative to braces that are placed over the top of the teeth. Brands such as Invisalign make the aligners which are then given to you by your dentist. They are removable and taken in and out by you at home so you can feel like you are in control of your dental treatment and your look. They are clear and so are hard to see when you are wearing them which means you can feel comfortable about your appearance while you are straightening your teeth. For many people, this aesthetically pleasing look is the deciding factor as it means that they can carry on with a public facing job or a special occasion that’s in the diary without having to be concerned about how their teeth will look whilst they are being realigned.

How do they work?

You get a set of custom trays made from an impression of your teeth which is taken at a dental practice that carries the Invisalign brand such as Bow House Dental in Hertfordshire. These are used make a set of aligners. These are changed every two weeks and each one is a subtly different shape so as to move your teeth from their original position to the desired position in slow increments.

Are they comfortable?

Moving your teeth always has the potential to create some sensation especially at the beginning of a new treatment phase when you have just changed your aligner. How much sensation depends entirely on your individual teeth. However, Invisalign are smooth on the outside and so you won’t have any feelings of sensitivity from metal tracks in your mouth.

Are they expensive?

The cost varies depending on the extent of the work you and to have done. In general, the cost is comparable to traditional braces and will be somewhere between £2,500 and £4,500. However, for minor changes, prices can start from as little as £1,500. Most dentists will offer some sort of finance and payment plan to spread the cost.

How do I get them?

Ask your dentist about Invisalign and they will advise on whether they are the best option for your needs. You can ask any questions you would like and you should even be able to see an example of one of the aligners.