To Bleach or Not to Bleach: Is Tooth Whitening for You?

Tooth Whitening It’s not always about having straight teeth. Sometimes, what may matter more is having a brighter smile.

What Affects Colour?

Hertfordshire has a lot of excellent coffee shops and tea houses. This may be one reason why you’ll want to go through teeth whitening process in Hertfordshire. Caffeine, however, is not the only source of tooth discolouration.

Ideally, the colour of your teeth should match the colour of your sclera — the white part of your eyes. Genes will typically determine the natural colour of your teeth. As you get older, this natural colour can change due to habits like smoking and caffeine intake.

A complete check by the dentist can determine whether or not you should undergo the treatment. This is necessary to make sure there is no underlying problem that is causing the discolouration. Tooth whitening may mask severe dental issues but not solve them.

How is it Done?

There are ways to either do it yourself or have the treatment professionally done. Professional treatments will give you immediate results but, of course, they will also be more expensive.

Commercially available are whitening toothpaste and whitening strips. You will need to use these items regularly in order to achieve the optimum effect. Note, too, that these often work on surface stains. If the cause of the discolouration is deeper — assuming there is no underlying dental issue — these may not give the desired results.

The best results are usually from going to the dentist for treatment. Your dentist will apply the appropriate type of gel to achieve the level of whitening you need. You may have to stay at the office for an hour or so to wait for the treatment to take effect.

But Will it Last?

Once you’ve achieved your whiter smile, you will want to take care of it. Since tooth colour is genetic, no treatment can change the colour permanently. You may want to avoid the things that stained your teeth, to begin with. With dedicated care, your bright white smile will stay that way for at least a decade.