Dishing Out Party Dishes that Kids Will Eat Willingly

Party FoodAs a caterer, one of your biggest goals is feeding your clients — and satisfying them. However, children can be picky eaters and expect resistance when they are wilful and difficult. Even if you already have their parents persuading them to eat, it’s still your job to encourage these kids to finish what they can through these tactics:

Set Up the Table – You’ll need to keep a big workspace for reluctant children. If they’re extremely physically active and are prone to fussing, keep anything breakable or personal out of reach. You can inform your host of the use of colourful but unbreakable party plates, cups and cutlery for children. Moreover, it’s still best to separate the kids’ eating area from the adults so you can catch their attention with vibrantly decorated tables and chairs that will fit their size and ages.

Deal with the Child – Insisting children to remain in their seats during the party is a phenomenal feat, for the party host and even more so for the caterer. However, you can merge your efforts by having the host go table to table to entertain the kids while you dish out the food to them. This cooperative move can keep the children seated and eating for the duration of the time allotted for this part of the program.

Serve Appetizing Food – It also helps that your dishes are vibrant, rich and looks delicious, such as those with cream bases and multi-coloured veggies. Serve only as much as children can normally consume. They can lose their appetite if there’s too much on their plate. Avoid wasting food that way. For those with hearty appetites, be ready to serve them more upon request.

The keyword is watchfulness, especially since there are kids who are messy eaters. Best to have your staff ready to clean up as soon as accidents occur. Most importantly, treat children like royalty no matter how difficult they can get. They are your clients and it’s your responsibility to make them enjoy themselves as they celebrate.