Tools of the Trade: Considerations for Applying the Correct Treatment Aids

Orthodontic TreatmentsOrthodontic treatments can take a long time to complete, so relative comfort is crucial. Though choices for appliances may be limited, you are always free as an orthodontist to ask your patients about their preferences.

Types of Appliance

Removable appliances are for correcting minor issues. The most common is the retainer, which patients have to wear after the removal of braces. Other removable appliances are available for correcting overbites. Maintenance is easier with removable appliances, but there is an equal chance that you could misplace them.

Braces are a form of fixed appliance. Dental professionals position These and other similar appliances are carefully positioned to correct alignment, position, or bite. The difficulty with fixed appliances is the need for greater oral care. However, the result can make a dramatic impact or both aesthetics and function.

Less common are functional appliances and extra-oral devices. Some of these may be removable and either support or make drastic changes to the movement of the teeth and jaws. Application and use of these appliances can be trickier as they are less precise than fixed appliances.

The Right One for You

How much does the issue bother you? Your orthodontist may recommend correction but if you are not bothered by it, you don’t have to undergo treatment. Ask, though, if refusing to undergo treatment can cause more severe problems in the future.

The extent of the correction necessary will determine the type of appliance used. Discuss your lifestyle as well to help determine if there are alternatives to the treatment you need. Remember that maintenance for your orthodontic appliance isn’t all about oral hygiene. You also have to be mindful of keeping your dental appointments. This is essential in keeping the treatment on track.

Treatments can be costly. Ask about payment options and check if your insurance coverage includes orthodontic treatments. Beyond expenses, however, give the most thought to how well the treatment will serve you. If it improves your lifestyle by any measure, you may find yourself more willing to give up those handcrafted coffees in exchange.