What to Avoid and Not to Avoid in Your Dieting Program

Tracking down food for a healthy dietThere are many benefits to a fibre-rich diet, and weight loss is one of them. Most women on a dietary program know it is advisable to eat foods high in fibre because it promotes a feeling of fullness. Eating more fibre helps regulate sugar levels in the blood.

Yet, women who want to lose weight fast and sustain it have to do so much more than buy a full month’s stock of whole oats, wheat cereals, and green leafy vegetables. If you consult with experts from a slimming centre they will tell you what to do and what to avoid.

Choosing food wisely for weight loss

Simple carbohydrates are the first things you should avoid. Foods made using white flour and white rice lead to increase in blood sugar, but after the rush, you feel hungry. If you are also stressed out, then you will overeat. If you cut down on the dessert, then you are avoiding simple carbs. That is a good enough start for anyone who is serious about dieting.

It is also advisable to eat in smaller portions. Using a smaller plate and bowl will make you eat just the right amount of food every meal. Moreover, you must learn to eat slowly, and give your brain time to realise it is already full.

Mistakes to avoid

Women in Singapore who are on a dieting regimen should also pay attention on things to avoid. For instance, do not go on a simple carbs reduction spring. Give yourself time to adjust, and wean yourself and your taste buds. If you force yourself or reduce sugar in your daily diet abruptly, the likelihood of failure is quite high. Figure out how to cut back on starches and sugars, and when you do the body will burn fat stores instead, and the weighing scale will start showing figures your desire to see.

Lastly, learn to deal with your cravings. Do not ban foods despite your efforts at maintaining a daily calorie allowance. Find the best way to lose weight and maintain it for as long as you can.