Christmas Ideas for the Single Ladies

Single WomanChristmas can sometimes seem lonely for anyone that is single. As the days start to get shorter and the nights getting colder, having someone to cuddle up to by the fire or sharing a kiss under the mistletoe, is the ideal romantic experience. Without someone to share it with, Christmas can be lonely for singletons but you can still get the most out of the festive season. So stop being jealous of your coupled friends and try these ideas out to have an awesome Christmas.

Book Your Christmas Get Away

If the thought of winter on your own is making you feel glum, then you need a holiday to distract you from this sadness. A ski holiday in Val Disere which offers fantastic skiing and renowned après ski bars, may be all you need to get your mind off being single.

And what better place to be should you happen to meet someone special either skiing the slopes or in a mountain top bar. Just think how jealous your friends will be of you skiing through the mountains whilst they are frantically trying to cook the Christmas dinner.

Go Shopping

Another way to take your mind off, is to shop! You could be super productive and do your Christmas shopping early which will make you feel very accomplished or why not treat yourself to a Christmas gift. You’ve worked hard all year and had your eye on that designer bag for months so what’s stopping you from treating yourself to a gift. It is Christmas after all; so shop to uplift your spirits and treat yourself.

Stay Home With Your Family

This may not be your first choice for the festive season, but it may turn out to be more enjoyable and rewarding than you think. Rather than spend the season partying, why not take inspiration from single thirty-something Alison Taylor, who spends her holidays with her parents at their home.

Taylor sees this as a great opportunity to spend quality time with her family rather than spend a rushed weekend after a hectic working week. She also loves to make the most of her mum’s cooking and helping in the kitchen.

The key to having a fulfilling Christmas as a single lady is to know that there are many other ways to spend the season without a man to cuddle by the fire. With the right ideas and people, being a single lady at Christmas is actually pretty wonderful so make the most of it.