Why You Need to Clean Your Teeth

Kid Brushing Teeth in Salt Lake CityMore than the aesthetic aspect, taking care of your teeth is a health concern. Having healthy teeth doesn't only allow you to have a commercial-worthy smile, it also gives you good health and freedom — freedom from toothaches, painful inflamed gums, anxiety, and costly products and services just to relieve the pain. 


Plaques are a clear bacterial film that builds up. These plaques use the sugar left on our teeth after eating to produce acids that harm the enamel. The enamel is the teeth's hard outer coating, that when damaged by acids, forms cavities. When teeth develop a cavity, personal hygiene can't correct it. It is then when a person needs the help of dentists. When plaques build under the gum line, it starts to cause gum infections and make gums sore and at times, bleed.

Long before we are privileged with having toothpaste and other dental care products, people in the past suffered from painful tooth decay and end up pulling out their teeth. Gladly, someone realized they needed to clean their teeth and did it using powdered charcoal, ashes, lemon juice and tobacco-honey mixture. 

Daily Habit 

Using a fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristle brush, gently brush your teeth on all sides in small circular motions and back and forth strokes. Gently brush along your gum line and lightly brush your tongue as well to help keep your mouth clean. Some spots might be left unreached by the toothbrush, dental floss can take care of them. Floss in between teeth both upper and lower. Lastly, rinse your mouth after your floss.

Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist notes that dental care should begin when the first tooth emerged. On a regular basis, make sure to visit your local dentist or kid's dentist. Millcreek and some other smaller towns have good dentists. In dealing with your teeth, your excuses today might be your regrets tomorrow.