So Photogenic: Amazing Hacks for That Perfect Smile

 Photogenic SmileEver wondered how you can have that brilliant, mega-watt, celebrity-like smile? Well, you have got to wonder no more. This article shares a few hacks that may bring you that perfect smile.

Have your teeth fixed

First, you may want to check the state of your teeth. If you need help, you can try the Invisalign system and figure out how this invisible braces may help straighten your teeth without making you feel awkward. When you have great teeth, perhaps it is going to be easier for you to get that perfect, awe-inspiring smile.

Get the best shade of lipstick

Different shades work differently for everyone. A nude one may work great for your friend, but may make you look so pale, while a dark one could work well for you, and not too much on someone you know. The key here is to make sure that you try different shades out so you can see which would work great for you. Experiment and you will have that beautiful, confident smile.

Smile gently

Do not force your jaws up, or you might look so stiff and like you have nothing to smile about. Smile gently so that your teeth would naturally allow your mouth to curve the right way and give you the kind of smile that looks like you have so much joy from the inside.

Practice in front of the mirror

It may feel awkward, but it definitely helps to stand in front of the mirror and practice your winning smile. Stand straight; let your shoulders hang back as proudly as you can. Once you practice, you will have better chances of getting that perfect smile.

And, stay happy

Have a happy disposition. Meditate, and do not let the negativity get to you. When you are happy, it shows. It is hard not to smile when you have learned how to deal with the negative stuff in life — and have survived the trials of your life. It is all about focusing on the positive stuff.

Getting that perfect smile does not have to cost you much. Practice, check yourself, and eventually, you will smile the way you want to.