Preschool 101: 7 Important Things to Remember

Preschool in UtahPractical things like the school’s proximity and tuition fees should be considered in choosing a school. But there are also other essential things to remember before sending your kids on their first day.

Here are some important things to need to know before choosing which preschool in Kearns such as Smart kids Development Center you would like to enroll your child at. 

Things to know before enrolling your kids in preschool 

  1. Educational philosophy

There are different methods (Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, etc.) of teaching. Knowing which method the preschool uses can help you evaluate whether it is suited to your child’s learning process.

  1. Background and experience of teachers

It is important to have one that is experienced and knowledgeable in handling preschool education. A good preschool teacher should not only be academically smart and capable, but should also know and understand how to handle children.

  1. Daily schedule  

Know what your child does in school every day. For children, rest is very important. Make sure that the preschool allots nap time for children to rest and recharge and continue with the day’s activities.

  1. Meal policies

Some schools provide 3 meals while others provide none at all. Know the school’s meal policies. Children, like adults, should be able to use their meal breaks to socialize and make friends.

  1. Disciplining methods

An approach where respect between the teacher and student is maintained is a good sign. Children should know what to expect should they misbehave in school and as a parent you should know how the school would handle such scenarios.

  1. Sick kids policy

Knowing your school’s policy when one is sick would give you an idea of when you should not let your kid go to school and when to let him to. Having this policy makes the school a healthier and safer place for your child.

  1. Enrollment and security policies

Before enrolling, know their schedule of enrollment so as not to miss any classes. Also, be aware of their pick-up and drop-off policies. Having this knowledge in advance would help avoid conflicts in the future.

All these, and a little more research and referrals, and you would be ready to send your kid off on his first day of school.