3 Foods That Your Dentist Wants You to Stay Away From

Dentist in Highlands RanchDo you want to keep that killer smile on your face? If yes, then you should veer away from consuming foods that may cause tooth decay. A dentist in Highlands Ranch can tell you that certain food and drink choices may wreak havoc on your oral health.

Here is a rundown of foods that WillowCreekDDS.com advises you to stay away from:

Citrus Fruits

You may hear someone saying: “But these are sources of vitamin C.” Well, yes, fruits like lemons and oranges can give you the needed vitamin to keep your body healthy. However, note that they can lead to the breakdown of your tooth enamel. On top of that, such fruits also come with high sugar content. And, you should know by now that too much sugar may cause tooth decay down the line.

Of course, you can still eat citrus fruits, but you have to make sure that you drink water afterward to expel the acid from your teeth.

Dried Fruits

In addition, avoid dried fruits if you wish to maintain that great smile. Apart from having sugar, they are often sticky. The sugar can then cling to your teeth for a long time. Apart from causing dental erosion, this can also lead to having cavities. Now, if you have a liking or taste for dried fruits, then the dentist may tell you to pick those that have low sugar content. Of course, brushing after taking in such fruits can also help.

Coffee and Tea

You must also know that these two can stain your teeth. Coffee that contains caramel or cream, for example, can attach particles to your teeth. If you are fond of drinking coffee, then you have to choose the black one. Plus, you need to limit putting in sticky additions into the coffee.

There you have it: the top foods that you should avoid if you wish to wear a healthy, alluring smile. Your dentist can surely give you some advice on how to maintain it.