Hair Loss Shouldn’t Lead to Baldness

Hair LossWhile hair loss is a normal part of ageing, it can be distressing for many men. This is especially true if it happens at an early age or for those in their 20s. It is common for men with receding hairline to feel older, as well as less attractive and less confident. In fact, many who suffer from male pattern baldness are distressed and unhappy about hair loss and would do anything to change it.

The thing is, hair loss or thinning doesn’t always have to lead to baldness. It is best to begin treatment early or use hair products that can prevent or fight baldness.

Fight Your Flake Problem

Dandruff is known to speed hair loss. If you have a flaking problem, use different dandruff shampoos to make sure that the flake-causing yeast won’t develop any resistance. A ketoconazole shampoo is a better choice, as it is antifungal and lowers the production of testosterone in hair follicles. Studies also suggest that those who used shampoos with ketoconazole report reduction in hair shedding.

Choose the Right Product

Hair-growing shampoos and pills are now available in the market, but some deliver falls promises. According to Hairy Bastard, many hair thickening products can stimulate hair growth, but some come with side effects. Do your research or consult a dermatologist to find out more about the products and ingredients that can help your situation. The right application of the product or treatment is also important.

Eat the Right Food

If you want to avoid the balding look, choose your foods wisely. Avoid fried foods, as they decrease oil-gland activity in your body. Desserts are also a concern, especially those that contain high amounts of sugar. Insulin flood, research suggest, can trigger the release of testosterone, which is known to negatively affect hair growth.

Don’t let thinning hair result in total baldness. You still have control over to what will happen to your locks. Worrying too much will only worsen the problem; it is best to start the treatment early on to save what you have and regain what you’ve lost.