Yes, Drugs Can Make You Crazy

Taking DrugsYou’ve been doing fine all your life — not until you’ve tried that drug your friend gave you. It made you experience a different kind of feeling, making you believe you’re on top of the world. You’ve promised yourself you’d stop after one try, but your brain and body are asking for that euphoric feeling again.

You tried it for the second time, but its effects were superior to your first try. It left you wanting more, which eventually made you a prisoner of drug abuse. You can no longer function without taking drugs and you’ve been deceiving the people you love to continue your addiction.

The above scenario is an example of how drug abuse can ruin your life. If you completely succumb to the feelings drugs are giving you, it is likely that you’ll start acting crazy and do things you wouldn’t normally do.

The Crazy Brain

Taking drugs in high quantity can change the workings of your brain, and even make you insane. This because you are likely to disconnect from reality and create an alternate world that you feel you’re a part of. Renaissance Ranch Outpatient and other substance abuse treatment centers note that you may start to experience hallucinations and hear, see, or feel things that are not even there.

Happy Then Ruined

Illegal and stimulant drugs hijack the brain by increasing the amount of chemical called dopamine. This then hurts your brain and affect how you act and how your body feels. It is normal that you may feel a different kind of “high,” but it will leave you feeling devastated once the effects wear off.

Too Many Emotions

Drugs can also make your moods change quickly, as you might get angry or fearful for no particular reason. Another mental effect is that might overact to simple things, causing you to get violent or hurt others. Your problems will drug will also cause you to think that there is someone chasing or running after you, even when there is actually none.

Your life used to be just fine, until you let drugs control it. If you or your loved ones are suffering from drug abuse, help is always available. Support from families and friends are important, as well.