How to Choose Diamond Shape and Cut for your Wedding Band

Wedding Rings in DenverDiamond rings are timeless, elegant choice for wedding rings. Diamond, in itself, has a unique appeal that you can’t simply find in other precious stones and gems. It also symbolizes strength, which is important in setting the foundation for a lifetime commitment as a married couple.

Diamond used in wedding rings comes in various cuts and shapes. Due to the incredible array of diamond rings available in the market, shopping for a pair could be a challenge. You want to make sure the gem’s cut and shape suits your individual style preferences, as well as other elements like your choice of band and your wedding attire.

Check out the following ideas to help you find the right diamond cut and shape for your wedding ring.

Be radiantly regal with a radiant cut

Radiant cut diamonds come in square and rectangular shapes. They make interesting, dramatic cuts for anyone who wishes to make a statement with their wedding rings. These cuts are in demand in jewelry stores specializing in unique wedding rings in Denver. Radiant cut is the perfect choice if you want to get both the radiance of round cut and the geometrical features of princess and emerald cuts.

Go brilliantly simple with round brilliant cut

A round brilliant cut is a popular option among wedding ring buyers. Round diamonds account for over half of the diamonds in the market. They are famous for their simple shape, which also makes it a very versatile option for wedding rings. The round shape also helps the stone to let its beauty radiate. The clean and simple look of a round brilliant cut diamond is perfect for a simple yet elegant ceremony.

Look purely beautiful with a pear cut

Pear cuts, also known as teardrop cuts, feature a tapered point similar to a Marquise cut and a round end like that of an oval cut. This diamond cut mirrors feminine beauty, which makes it a nice choice for brides. Pear cut, when used with the right band designs and materials can create a stunning ring for a beautiful bride.

The key to choosing the right diamond wedding ring is to find one that best suits your personality. Learn more about your options by visiting a jewelry boutique with a vast collection of wedding rings.