Sporting Activities for Senior Citizens

Senior CitizensSenior citizens are at that junction in their lives where they are free to be sedentary most of the time. After all, they’re not as strong as they used to be and more prone to body pain. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep the mind sharp, even at old age to prevent forgetting things. Mental exercises such as doing the occasional cross or reading books will help dulling of the memory.

Moreover, it’s important to stay physically able. For the elderly, the feeling of being helpless is common yet avoidable. By doing activities a senior can handle, a person can be as springy as their age permits them to be. Here are some activities that older people can do, according to

1. Water Aerobics

In all likelihood, this might be the perfect exercise for older people. It helps them deal with arthritis, back problems, menopause and other conditions that come with old age. Moreover, because they are in the water, they can stay cool and more buoyant that means less joint impact.

2. Tennis

Tennis is a good way to for the elderly to keep moving. The senior version needs only decent hits and limited movement. They sweat and they can train those creaking joints to function for a good few years more.

3. Walking

There’s no activity invented or naturally occurring easier than walking. For old people, it doesn’t get less complicated than waking up and taking a walk under a cool sun. Walking in a hiking trail with grandchildren can also be considered quality family time.

4. Dance Lessons

It’s quite common for elderly people to break out their dancing shoes. Now that there are numerous dance centers for seniors, they can show their swing or boogie skills they learned in their teenage years.

5. Pilates, Yoga, Etc.

In activities such as Pilates and yoga, they can stay sedentary while doing valuable physical work. They can request which intensity level they prefer, making it easy for them to keep healthy.

It’s important to remember that for older people, stretching doesn’t have to strenuous. Warming up has to be sufficient and gentle to ensure that their bodies will still be able to proceed to the main activity.

Keeping physically and mentally nimble is important at any age. For seniors, they only need to exert enough to keep their bodies able.

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